A woman who knows her worth is dangerous AF


Shit girl, you look amazing and you should do something for yourself from time to time. I work with a selection of photographers that hit a wide variety of styles, from gritty-sexy-moody to bright-soft-lighthearted. Already have a photographer? No problem, I’m here to enhance your natural beauty, give you an extra boost of confidence and ease you into the photoshoot of your dreams.


More than just your beauty expert…

My biggest priority is your comfort. You already look drop dead gorgeous, I just add a little oomph. Where a trusted professional can come in handy is on set with you, helping ease your mind and loosen you up to get the best possible results. It’s like having your best friend there (also not a bad idea) except we just met. Calming your nerves and boosting your confidence to help you own it is such an empowering part of my job. I am honored to be a part of helping women realize how beautiful they truly are.

Boudoir Services 


Beauty Services

HAIR styled up

 Any style you can dream of. All the way up or half up.

HAIR styled down

Any kind of curl set you like. We have the products to help your hair hold curl all day.

blow out

Starting with hair wet, blown out straight with volume and shine. 

full MAKEUP application

The full monty. Detailed and contoured to accentuate your features. Trust us with any style you want from a natural look, to retro glam or smoldering temptress.

half MAKEUP application

The half monty. You provide your own base, we apply lips, cheek and eyes. 


* Lashes included for all applications if you should choose to wear them.

* Airbrush foundation available for an extra $20 per person. 

For a little prep I also offer waxing services


I gently shape and trim, you love.


I got you. Some in the nose? I got those too, bye!!


Lower or upper half to just above or below the knee or full leg with soft wax and strips.


I am very good.


Any and all you would like removed from front to back. And I mean all.


I will make it quick.

*I would recommend booking these at least a day before your shoot so your skin looks it’s best for your photos.


Preferred Artists


Trusted, kindhearted people equipped to make you feel like a total badass babe. With a variety of styles and pricing, you can find the artist that suits your kind of sexy, You can get the process started through me, or book with one of these amazing photographers today.