Teaming up with some fabulous vendors in Minneapolis, my studio mates 4 Girls Glamour and I put together a beautiful shoot to highlight foral jewelry creations from Petal Cart Boutique. We re a big fan of this shop. Aimee, the owner, has impeccable taste and her arrangements are always popping! Her creations for this shoot ranged from fresh flower necklaces, bracelets, hair combs and even earrings! 

Model Ashley Lynn, a living breathing angel herself brings life to the floral pieces as well as the lingerie from Flirt Boutique.  

As far as the hair and make up look, I kept it "natural". We all know how much make up it takes to look flawless in photos, but other than the berry lip (which I adore) and red cherry strip lashes, it was a very blended, soft and neutral look. I wanted the fresh flowers to remain the focus. There is nothing like a big, round, bouncy curl set to achieve a classic wave and general volume for styling hair up. I anchored the floral hair comb in an asymmetrical twisted 'do. Leaving it unsprayed and easy. Swept back, romantic and just let her fly aways soften and fall naturally.
Ashley Flowers-147.jpg