I met Bria on set with photographer Rita Farmer. I can't always stay for an entire shoot and in this case, I swung thru the studio at NECO, did some sweet make up, said a quick hello to Rita's assistant David Maxwell and went on my way. I was happy I could be a part of this set because this talented group of people made a little magic that evening.

Some women can just rock a cat eye. Bria's eyes are simply brilliant here in black cream liner from L'oreal set  no color powder. We decided on this make up look using words like natural, modern, open. clean and lines. I had never met Bria before, but in doing her make up, I found my self on a roll, pushing the open cat eye to another level.!! It was easy to achieve symmetry with her face, which is not normally the case. I was concentrating hard on getting those lines as perfect as possible, probably holding my breath while I did it. Rita even snapped a little photo of me at work.

You can see here that both Rita and David took photos. Their personal styles and perspectives pair well together and add to the story while clearly representing their own brand. We have a fabulous batch of creatives here in the fine city of Minneapolis.