This shoot was the first time in a while that I showed up to and met all new friends. After quick introductions, our wonderful model walked in. Another stranger to me, I was blown away at her absolute stunning natural beauty. I knew the photographer was looking for a very colorful palette, but every other aspect of the make up was up to me. We started slow with a cleaner make up look. I used my viseart deep matte palette to create a dark green cat eye with orange undereye liner. Ruby red, ultra glossed out on her amazing lips. After a few outfits, we switched up they eye to a beautiful blend of rainbow colors. Years ago, I bought a NARS eyeshadow duo that is named Rated R. It is bright blue and bright neon yellow. Needless to say, I don't bust it out very often, but, there is no other shadow as fabulous as that bright blue and the yellow is fun when you have the right skin tone. I used NARS lip pencil for the hot pink, blended it from the cheekbones at a high angle up to the eyebrow and out to the hairline, setting it with no color powder.

This crazy referee out fit with the viser K I L L E D! and other fun styling by Trevor Small

Photographer Aaron Huff @lastnamehuff coined the HUFF N PUFF and submitted it to online publication Sticks and Stone Agency

Ideations/ BTS Video/ Creatives & Contributors Sam Caswell & JT Eichman