This super sultry set of photos taken by the talented 4 Girls Glamour with model Mandy Faye. I was happy to have Mandy back in my chair and in the studio as I had done her hair and makeup for a fashion editorial just a few weeks before. She is an absolute sweetheart and so easy going. On this day she brought her clip in extensions which she uses all the time. It really helped beef up her locks as we added almost 2 full sets and I teased between the layers.

I wanted to go over the top with this look in all aspects. I used a heavy hand in her smokey eye makeup and went full color on the lips, lining them with red and topping it off with a cherry red gloss. In person it looked a bit much but in these photos, smoldering and sexy as hell!

These pics were taken with natural light in the studio I share with photography team 4 Girls Glamour and were printed in Femme Rebelle Magazine's January 2017 issue.


Jen Des LauriersComment