The Power of Natural Make up

Natural make up is a day in - day out scenario for make up artists. It's easy to write it off or coast on auto pilot because of this very reason, but I have decided to get excited about natural make up again. I have these amazing eyeshadow and blush palates from glo minerals that are perfect for soft and beautiful natural make up with enough pigment and polish to stand up behind the camera.

Jeff Kappel captured the lovely Mihee in this set. Powerful natural make up follows the lines of her face with the slightest contour, set with temptu airbrush. Then, we brought out her eyes with neutral and pink shimmers and a soft natural lash line.

Mihee is such a natural beauty in the first place. The make up doesn't take a back seat here, instead it enhances the entire look, giving her features a slight pop.

Jen Des LauriersComment