It's so hard for me to blog in the summer. As soon as wedding season kicks in, it's all trial runs and "pinspiration". I have not written since March, sorry sweeties! 

This is a fun set set that I was able to bust out in May with photographer Jeff Kappel

Andrea aka Lady Roue is a model friend of mine. When I first met her she said to me, "Hi nice to meet you, I hug." And I was like, "Bring it on in." I knew that I wanted to get her in front of Jeff's lens for this very reason. What your seeing is straight out of the camera shots as Jeff often shoots in black and white. His lighting skills are so, so good! And Andrea has the got some edge. I wanted to play with texture and light so I busted out ye old triple barrel curling iron and lots of black eyeliner. I have had this shirt in my closet for about 10 years, I swear. just so I could one day shoot it. It is all black plastic feathers and mesh, never worn it myself, but knew enough to keep it for a rainy day. This was our little outcome. In case you are wondering what is written on her hands, it's "READ MORE". Good advice I'd say.

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