Blüm Magazine

This series was published today in Blüm Magazine and I am so happy to see my work in print again! Working alongside Joan and Garrett Born of Ninethirty Creative, we conceived of this monochromatic world of pink and pastel spring colors. The Borns took charge of the art direction while I focused on the hair and make up front. We knew we wanted it to look unfussy and soft, with a touches of glitter. It all came together for me once we found these crazy gold swirling necklaces. I was immediately drawn to the texture of them and pictured them placed in the hair in a reverse chignon. The make up look was easy; pink on pink on pink with a glittered eyebrow.

Photography .  Ninethirty Creative

Models . Sofi Tveter // Maggie Irving

Hair and Make up . Jen Des Lauriers


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