Hanna on Flash

I try to make myself available for creative collaborations even if the are last minute. Hanna, model/photographer, asked me to help her create a look for a poppy little shoot with photog Alex Ry. Both ladies are a part of the North East Collaborative,  NECO, for short. We got together late on a Wednesday to "make dope shit" (as it says on the main wall when you walk in their space).

I kept her make up really fresh and clean, but precise. I took the time to curl her hair in 1/8 in sections with a reverse curling wand in order to get that really defined look. I always tell gals to work the hair - Hanna definitely had fun with it and worked the hair!  Alex busted out the old flash, we blasted the tunes and got some shots. 

Jen Des LauriersComment