Middle of Nowhere

Recently published online at Boudoir Collective this set of photos were shot early in the summer on a very hot and VERY windy day with photographers 4 Girls Glamour. This was a little dream of mine that I was lucky enough to bring to life with the help of Tillie (yes, the VW bus is named Tillie) and an amazing crew. After I had lined up the car, I found this field that I thought would be perfect and went on a little shopping spree at my favorite spot, the Goodwill for cute bohemian inspired clothing. The props were pretty much all mine.  I have a rule at my house that if you have a bad attitude you have to shake the tambourine. For styling I put Rachel's hair in pigtail fish tail braids and gave her a berry lip with a very soft, but smokey neutral eye. I am proud of this shoot and so happy that the photographers captured my vision so perfectly.

Jen Des LauriersComment