Nicole aka Mrs. Minnesota

Meeting Nicole for the first time last fall, we hit it off big time. She is so real, easy going and sweet, not to mention beautiful beyond words. She quickly became one of my favorite models to work with here in Minneapolis. Shortly after this shoot, Nicole was awarded the honor of Mrs. Minnesota! She is a queen in every sense of the word and deserves to be recognized as such. I can think of no one who would be a better role model. 

Here she is on my porch wearing an ensemble passed on to me, like so many things in my closet, by my step mother. Admittedly slutty back in the day, my step-mom likes to say, that slut is such a crass word for having a good time. Believe it or not, I wore this two piece to a school dance when I was a senior in high school (circa 199- dont worry about it...). I remember seeing one teacher's eyes widen when he saw me come in to the gymnasium in this get up. It makes me laugh to this day. 

And here she is as Mrs. MN. So proud!

Porch Photos by Katie Essick

HMU & Styling by Jen Des Lauriers

Jewelry from L'avenir Design